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Typhoon Protection (Raincover Inside)

Many of you have read and enjoyed the "Raincover" chronicles recently in the Customs section.


Thanks to a MCB member backed development project, I am able to offer pre-production (beta) models of my "Typhoon" raincover design to tinkerers and testers alike.

These are autococker threaded. My intention was for them to be mounted to my Inception barrel backs. As you can see on Deadpool's R7 above, they can already be mounted directly on gun, or they can be mounted to any barrel that accepts autococker threads at the end. (Please see my autococker rethreading service, for this type of barrel customizing.)

Here's a quick picture of the baffles internally...

In case you were wondering what, exactly, makes these high tech or worthy of Alpha434's efforts.

That said, the price point reflects an extremely elite market. Only those who have to be on the bleeding edge should afford this, and I can barely afford to make them at a 22-hour runtime each before machining.

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