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MVP its not brain science
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Dis-assembly basic walk through.

Ok, for your day to day cleaning and what not there is not a whole lot of need to dis-assemble the marker. When you do there is not a need to do more than remove the frame assembly, pump and engine. Very seldom would you need to separate the tray from the frame or dis assemble the engine.

Also, there is a piece that goes between the body and frame, I am used to working with vikings therefore I refer to it as the tray.

For basic dis assembly all you need to do is remove the two Tray screws, its not brain science. Once they are removed set the frame and tray aside. Next, you pull the pump assembly and internal pump guide/return springs/engine retainer out as one piece. Clean if needed. Set it aside, you can now remove the engine, simply slide it out of the body. The bolt slides out of the front. There are two orings on the front they just need dow 55 give them a bit if needed. You now have a disassembled MVP.

To reassemble you just have to line everything up and put it back together, its not brain science. To get this far you need 1 allen key, it does not get much easier than that. For a complete tear-down you only need 3 allen keys.

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