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Don't steal from a Marine

FORT LUPTON, Colo. -- The mayor of Fort Lupton, who operates two funeral homes, has been afforded police protection after receiving death threats following a 7NEWS investigation that revealed he has refused to repay money illegally kept from a U.S. Marine who died.

"I've been getting a lot of phone calls from a lot of different people, a lot of threats," said Jim Bostick, the mayor of Fort Lupton.

Bostick is worried about his personal safety and that of his business and he now admits he made a big mistake.

"It's my fault ... I will try to do whatever I can with Mrs. Sepulveda to get this issue put to bed," Bostick said. "As soon as I get the money, it's her's. I mean, fast. Because, you know, I can't keep putting up with the threats against myself and my family."

While he may be sincere this time, Bostick claims he doesn't have $7,500 a Weld County court said he owes Elis Sepulveda.

Sepulveda is the mother of a U.S. Marine who was killed in a car accident and brought back to Fort Lupton for burial. Jason Sepuldeva's savings were sent to Bostick's funeral home. It was money Bostick had no right to but he refused to return it.

"He was the person who received the money," said Magistrate Rebecca Koppes Conway. Conway assessed the judgment against Bostick in small claims court but can't force him to pay.

"This is not a criminal matter. The only time that people get arrested for not paying their bills is if there is an order of the court to pay and there is a contempt citation and then there's a finding after that the person is in contempt," said Conway.

Bostick has many outstanding debts including more than $11,000 he owes in child support. 7NEWS has learned his mayoral paycheck is garnished monthly.

But he said he hasn't decided yet if if he going to resign as mayor.

"My personal financial issues have nothing to do with my job as mayor," Bostick said. "My intentions were not to screw over a Marine veteran. You know, I'm a veteran myself. I take care of veterans everyday."

"So why didn't you just pay it?" 7NEWS Investigator John Ferrugia asked.

After a long pause Bostick said, "I should have."

Several city officials are urging the Fort Lupton mayor to pay the Sepulvedas as soon as possible, hoping that the firestorm, which has nothing to do with city business, will subside.

As one official put it, "This has nothing to do with the Marines vs. Fort Lupton. This is about how Jim Bostick is doing his private business."
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You DON'T steal from a Marine. you DON'T steal from a dead Marines family.... I'm truly amazed someoen would think they could get away with this.
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