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Dust Silver RTR Gargoyle/CCI Phantom Hybrid-$600

Up for sale today is my latest creation - a beautiful Gargoyle/Phantom Hybrid in a dust silver ("matte grey") ano.


Overall condition is 9.75/10. I purchased the RTR Gargoyle parts (trigger frame group, valve body, pump, vert adapter and bucket changer) here on MCB. The parts were used, but in mint condition. All of the CCI parts (11" barrel, clear SC feedblock, 15-round feed tube, clear feed cap, all internals (bolt, hammer, springs, power tube assembly, TPC), thumb screws, adjustable T-stock, ghost ring and SC breech) are brand new from CCI (via Titus). The SS hose, elbows and SS quick disconnect are brand new as well. The grey Hybrid "Stripper girl" grips are used, but also in mint condition.

The gun itself is one-of-a-kind. I've only seen one or two other Gargoyle-Phantoms in existence, but this is the only SC version in this color. The serial number on the Gargoyle trigger frame is 000048. The Hybrid "stripper girl" grips, which have been discontinued, and are now somewhat hard to come by - which is understandable since they are some of the coolest grips ever. Bottom line: It's got the performance and reliability of a Phantom with the silky smooth pump and trigger pull of a Gargoyle. Simply the best of both worlds.


Items to note: there is a small (tiny) scratch on the CO2 adapter (where the bucket changer screws in). There is also another small scratch on the end of the T-stock (happened during shipping). Also, this gun has NOT been performance tuned for maximum efficiency. I usually do this with all my guns, but simply don't have the time for this now. I would definitely recommend tuning this gun (at least with spring kits) to anyone who buys it - it makes all the difference in the world.

EDIT: the tiny leak at the bucket changer has been fixed. This gun is now leak free!!! Also, the Hybrid grip panels are now snug. Very nice!

The gun has been chrono'd twice (shooting 280s/290s for the first 5 rounds @ 60, Leyland CO2s with Nelson paint), but has never seen a game. For all intents and purposes, this is a brand new gun.






Once tuned, you'll not only have the sweetest looking gun on the field, but the combined precision performance of two iconic manufacturers. Don't miss your chance to own this one-of-a-kind awesomeness! Comes in a Phantom box with an original Phantom instruction manual and velocity adjuster.

Note: Time to get this gun sold so I'm letting it go at a loss. At $600 you're paying less than what I paid for all of the individual parts and shipping costs. This is my rock-bottom price as it's not worth it for me to a bigger loss on this one-of-a-kind beauty.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Update 11/28/12: I put this gun up for grabs in mid-March, but I've had little to no interest. Since no one wants it, I've decided to keep it, sell off some of my other Phantoms and turn this one into one of my primary guns. I'm pretty happy that it didn't sell now!
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