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Originally Posted by Cory688 View Post
$350 if you need to sell it quick.
no thanks its been sitting in the shop in a bag in a draw for several years now, so I am in no rush to sell, thank for your offer though

Originally Posted by brock_averill View Post
Bartman- What other AKA goodies are you hiding? Wish I could pick this up
oh I sold my EvilM 3 yers ago, I am sure there is a few more things hidding in boxs and draws , thanks for asking

Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
Wow! Lowball of the year lol
Its all good man, thanks for sticking up for the sale, but thats what he had to offer , but I am in no rush to sell

Originally Posted by laxpro69 View Post
So what is it going to need before it's good to go?
I will PM you

Still for sale everybody

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Its always better with a pump, and camo
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