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Originally Posted by Antlion View Post
Out of all MCarterbrown, four people have provided input. Well, that's sobering...
The problem your running into is that out of all MCB, very few people live and play in Italy and therefore Very few have the knowledge that your looking for. That being said it should show you that the MCB community is not going to give you crap info without anything to back it up...

On top of that, the number of American service personnel on MCB is only a percentage (I don't have a clue as to what size...) of the MCB population... Of that, How many of them have been posted to Italy? Of that, how many are knowledgeable about getting MWR to do anything on any base let alone one in Italy?

Unfortunately there are no paintball police, you have to be the focus of change. Start dragging people together and keep fighting the fight man. Thats all we can do to help.

Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
I only skimmed your post but here's my 2-cents.

Go it alone.

They don't want to help, find some way, either using the facility you mentioned or otherwise, to play what amounts to outlaw ball.

Stock class is ideal for a few reasons: 12-grams (no bulk air to refill), low paint use (less mess, less paint to haul), small package to carry.

If you can't make the existing field work, find a minimum of one other person and play one-on-one in some forest or field a local will let you use. Be courteous, offer to clean up after use or make some improvements.

I did a bit of research on paintball in Italy, Apperantly Paintball guns are considered firearms and are therefore very controlled? There is very little interest in paintball in the country and because of that, finding people, gear, paint, air...12gs is difficult as is.

The only reason the fields that the OP is talking about exists is becuase it is on a US military base?

Then if you go outlaw, the chances of some really problems with the law becomes reality...
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