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Been too long since I've played to think of any designs off the top of my head, but I do remembering surprising the hell out of a lot of opponents by having 80-tonners with jump jets (I seem to remember that was the heaviest 'mech class where JJ's made sense, and anything heavier just didn't use them well). Had one game where in movement phase the guy had me completely surrounded by little "nibblers" (35-tonners with 1 ER PPC, nasty at short range since they had no minimum range negative), and I just jumped my 80-tonner out of the midst of them, destroyed 3 outright from rear armor shots during the next firing phase. He figured he had me trapped since it was such a heavy 'mech.

What was the stock IS 80-ton with JJ's? I wanna say it was the Victor? Bloody gov't network, can't check the BT wiki... *feh*
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