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I know the clans had the Mad Cat/Timber Wolf Mk 2 which was a 90 tonne with jump jets but it wasn't introduced until 3066, and quite frankly I'm not interested in waiting that long for a jump jet assault mech.

There was also the Phoenix Hawk 2 which was a melee focused mech, but for the time being I don't think we'll be seeing melee mechs in game.

Then there's the Canis which seems to be a very heavily armed assault mech with jump jets, but it lacks any missile pods. ER lasers and AC's only. It's also very slow at 54 KM/H.
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Love how the thread got de-railed to incestuous relations and soldering brass tubes together. Classic MCB at it's finest.
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I'm no hippie, but I do lack any sense of style.

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