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April 1st is Pumpin' Fools Day

We've done this the past couple years here in CT.
It was always an indoor thing because we normally still have snow on the ground and we could hold our little game even on a weeknight.
This year it falls on a Sunday and the weather has been good to us.

Therefore, this years' CT Pumpin Fools Game will be outdoor at Yankee Paintball and anyone local is invited to dust off & oil up those pumps and come join in a little Springtime frolic. It's a fun little tradition to start the season.
(Yankee is also the CT host to the Gravity League Tournament Series so anyone who wants to play the circuit can check out the speedball layouts in advance while in a rec format.)

One of the games we love to play at Pumpin Fools is called the "Easter Egg Hunt". It's a Speedball game with a twist.
The basics are that nobody has paint to start the game. Each bunker has a 10-round tube of paint next to it. If you need more paint, you must move to another bunker ~ one that nobody else already used.
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