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...when someone looks at pics of your marker and says "that will make a great sniper".
...when you say "timing" but mean the results of more than 5 different variables, all of them set to your own liking.
...when you look at a mag and wonder why somebody would pay so much for a regulator.
...when you look at an A5 and wonder how they hit anything.
...when you don't have to ask if a given barrel kit will fit your marker.
...when you refer to the "good old days" and mean the late 1990's.
...when you can point to any single part on the marker, describe its proper name, it's proper function, who made it, how it works in concert with all the other parts, and describe the effect it has on the system when it starts acting up.
...when you really start to believe in things like 'suction timing', paintball fairies (they live in lapco barrels), and 'palmer goodness'... and you cant make a rational argument why anything works better aside from it 'feeling' better.
...when your marker has a wider variety of brand names in it or on it than a nascar has sponsorship decals.

and lastly:
...when you can count on your marker to fail you at some point, and yet is is just better than having a marker that wont fail.
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