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k, by shooting type
Trilogy pro
Trilogy Comp
Trilogy Comp (pumped)
Orracle (mech, then pumped)
ballpark 5 or so tippy 98s
about 3 different types of spyders
bt4 w/ etrigger
ariakon overlord pistol
sp ion
sp epiphany
pe ego 7
pe ego 8
pe sl8r
pe ego9
pe ego 10
pe ego 11 x2
pe geo+
pe geo2
bl marq rapper
bl marq victory v1
bl marq victory v1.5
bl intimidator (was a different brand actually, cant remember the exact one)
dlx luxe v1.0
dlx luxe v1.5
evil omen
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chopper_duke: You guys just don't understand how hard it is to take pictures from a dark closet and not wake the person up...

bring me a white rotor sale
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