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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
I now agree with you 110% and is red loctite is suggested from Brian also not useing the Vasoline with CO2..
Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
I got off the phone with them today and he mentioned not useing vasoline if running on co2 and did say they are useing that other lube that was mentioned before in this thread.
Originally Posted by BlueDragonX View Post
Ok, so now we're left with just one lube out there, and I don't even know what it is. Someone want to post a link to the name of the correct stuff and where we can get it? I've got a Harbour Freight around here someplace, but it's a long ways away.
Try South Africa where we don't have something like that on a side note i'm really starting to think Brian doesn't know what he is doing. Almost everything we where initially told to do is what we shouldn't do now. For now my Thumper works so until it breaks i'm not sending it anywhere that includes selling it. Besides sending it to him will take round about a month then he works on it when he has the time to do so and send it back which is yet another month.
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