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SLY profit mask

I bought a new SLY profit mask a couple weeks ago and played in a few games the day after I bought it. Here's my review:

Unboxing-- It was the last one in the store and was the display model. I tried on various masks from low to high end and the Profit felt the best comfort wise. Came with standard tinted top faded to clear bottom lens and the only accesory was a rain guard (beyond the pouch). In the store it felt great.

First use-- The next day I used the Profit mask for a few hours. It was raining (play in Vancouver, WA) off and on but the field is canopy covered with many trees. The first 1/2 hour was great, it was comfortable then after a few games it began to fog. I had installed the rain gaurd since it was raining but the mask doesnt have a visor so even with the gaurd installed water was still able to get past the rain gaurd. It was fogging from the top down so I knew it wasnt my breath causing the fog. The fog continued for the rest of the day and I had to wipe out the moisture with a mirco fiber clothe between each game. My breath did cause A LOT of water condensing in the inside infront of my mouth but did not seem to get into the goggles. The foam is very nice and has a velvet type material over the foam (all mask manufacture's should do this).

Overall impression-- I was dissapointed with it fogging and it not having a visor or fan system made to fit it. It feels great and has great protection for the face and ears but not being able to see clearly was a set back.
I have yet to use it on a sunny or clear day so i don't know if it will fog without the wet conditions. The tint was ok but I think I'd rather have a all clear mask so when i tilt my head up and down the view stays the same. I contacted SLY via email and after a few emails they agreed to replace the lens, which I will hopefully get around to shipping out soon. I don't know how long the mask sat on the shelf in the store so it may be one of those lenses that i hear about from the initial production that had some issues. If the replacement lens works better even in rain then i would recommend the mask. The lens system is a quick change and it works well. I plan on getting a JT flex 8 soon and hope that it will work better. I will report more when I get the replacement lens.
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