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The three polls have made it clear what the players prefer, so here is what we are going to go with

Red or Blue ID Tape: Failure to wear ID tape on teh field will result in a warning and a judge punch. One strip of 2" red or blue duct tape must be worn on each arm between your elbow and shoulder, and must be clearly visible at all times. This tape will be provided to you by your commander or one of his officers, not by the event staff. The only legal way to acquire ID tape is from your commander or a legal member of that team that was placed on that side by the event staff. You must wear your ID tape while on the field.

Medics must also wear a white armband alongside their red or blue armband.

Each player will also receive two strips of one-inch wide colored tape from their unit leader to indicate what unit they are in. A twelve inch strip must be attached to each side of your goggles and clearly visible near your left and right ear. This must be worn anytime you are on the field and must be clearly visible anytime you are taking part in a mission for your particular unit. (HORDE UNITS: Gaul, Visigoths, Barbarians, Vandals, Huns. NEW EMPIRE UNITS: Blood Legion, Centaur Legion, Pegasus Legion, Minotaur Legion, Praetorian Guard)
The unit tape is 1" duct tape and will be worn as show below. It doesn't flap, get in the way, or fall off.

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