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Favourite Gear Bag

Last month I had started shopping around for more camera gear, and planning out what kit I wanted in my collection. As I was making lists all the various things I wanted to add to it by early summer, and the stuff to pick up in the next five years or so, I came to the conclusion that I should likely invest in a good method of transporting most of what I would be wanting whenever I hit the field. I also needed a replacement backpack, so I set out looking for something that could fill my primary needs for the foreseeable future.

I've had my selection here for about a week, and gotten to use it a bit as both a camera bag, and general back pack for my daily needs. However I noticed that we don't seem to have a lot of discussion on how everyone is carrying their gear around with them, so I figured why not get one going?

My selection, after going over the limited options I could find locally and then spending far too much time looking around on the web, has been the Kata 3n1-33.

What attracted me to this bag was its flexible carry method. It allows you to wear it as a sling, pulling the bag around in front of you for easy access to your gear. Add a second strap for added support if you are carrying it for a long time, but still need decently quick access. Or change the strap connections up completely and it becomes a normal back pack. (Far more comfortable for me than the cross strap layout, but so far it has proven decently comfortable in all layouts with a moderate load in it.)

Also has room for a laptop, or large format paper pads, and then general odds and ends in the top. It doesn't have the most protection for your gear. Far cry from a reinforced solid side case, but more than I feel the need for from a soft sided back pack.

But the big thing that I have enjoyed the last few days has been a by-product of the quick change strap layout: I could easily use it even with an injured elbow that limited my right arm's mobility. Where a normal back pack would have likely had me in serious pain while getting it on or off, the sling bag was a simple matter of holding on and undoing a buckle before setting it down.

So, what bags does everyone else enjoy for their gear, and what features do they value the most in them? What flaws do you hate about ones you have used for awhile now?
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