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Half blocked ccm'd and cp'd 2k pump F/S/T bring CCM pumps

Up for sale or trade is my half blocked 2k pump. I built this gun from the ground up and im pretty attached to it so i am in no rush to sell or trade unless it is the right offer. I am mainly looking to trade for a CCM pump (S6, S6.5, or T2). I have some cash to add if i need to.


Price: $450 firm

in a trade you came to me so you ship first
with cash i will ship it when the money is in my hands
no low balling please
please be mature

The Gun:
The pump stroke is smooth, stable, and very easy. The gun shoots great, ball on ball. It is very efficient and consistent. The top of the gun is silver because that is where the milling was done but does not change the performance of the gun, and i like the way it looks. The custom work done was the half block, the sight rail was cut off and the top of the gun was rounded down, the tabs under the barrel were taken off and the area where the tabs were was rounded down. The pump arm is drilled for an AT, i was going to get one but i am really wanting a CCM pump.

Half blocked and rounded by jcurt (2k body)
Bolt, sled, and pin by jcurt
ccm deluxe pump kit with dual guiding rods and pump arms
pump plate and arms by jcurt
ccm half block lower internals
ccm 45 trigger frame
cp reg
cp direct mount on/off asa

I do not want to sell the barrel, but i will if i get an amazing offer. I also have a white pump handle if you would rather have that instead of the black.

Please offer up! the worst i can do is say no.
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