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SNAP!!! Just make sure everyone knows to talk to me (the guy with the Green shirt that says Crassh on the back) so that we register as a group) [My honorary Jew {buffalo chapter} does not want to miss out on the group rate.]

Too bad I will be out of town for a wedding.... of course I am hoping to get a few of my cousins and uncles together and hitting CPX :-D. After your group meets my group I'll see about organizing a NYOG even for the 15th to Belfast... did want to get down there soon and this would have been perfect but family....

I was thinking of possibly doing a 50/50 raffle (yes I am a teacher and I do love my mini games) figure give 1/2 to the person, 1/4 for club expenses, and 1/4 as a donation to Paintballers 4 Austism. I was going to introduce this later in the season but since this is looking like the meet to be at I thought I'd float it out there.

I would imagine that guy at the chrono was thinking the 31st the 30th is a Friday the 31st is us.
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