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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
These have been my findings as well. I think I will turn a reg pin that accepts the topedo urethane disk and put it in my CCM reg and see what I get.

I think it is common PPS mythology that they have cornered the market on C02 regulation. MCB is primarily responsible for this fan boy based mythos.

I've been a huge fan of yours for a long time and usually agree with the majority of what you say. That being said, I think your above comment is a little silly. I will admit that most of us have strong opinions on products in the paintball world. A lot of us like brass... ccm pump kits... and we all have our certain favorites when it comes to barrels/regs/etc. Most current regulator manufacturers design around HPA and not CO2. The reason why I think most of us will swear by PPS Stabs is because we've used them a long time and plain and simply, they just work. I don't really like the "fan boy" label on a product that does live up to advertising. Your comment is that you think you can modify a reg to be just about as good. That is a whole different conversation if you ask me.

For the user that wants a quality regulator for CO2, that is backed up by a lifetime warranty, and that performs amazing right out of the box without modification, what would you recommend? I am the first to tell people if they are on a tight budget to get one of the old WGP regulators that were designed around CO2 because they function almost as well. But a lot of testing has been performed on regs as far as recharge rate and fluctuation on CO2. I firmly believe that the Palmers Stabilizers are the best of the regulators designed for paintball use. But I also believe with an anti-siphon tube in the CO2 tank and an older WGP regulator you can find a comparable solution on a budget.

I am happy to try out new products and always one who likes to save money, but until a reg comes out that is proven to be better than the PPS Stabilizer, it is the best in my opinion. I don't see how that is a "fan boy" statement when it has proven itself over time. Show me a regulator that you think can compete and I am more than happy to try it out.. especially if it means I can start saving money on my regs.. lol.

Also, PPS has been in the paintball business for a long time and has customer support that is top notch. That, plus all the configurations you get for the stabilizers is why I keep coming back. No matter what the project, it always seems they have something that will work when I need to run CO2.
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