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2012 Mission: Impossible Series at HSP, Bellflower, CA

Mission: Impossible 2012:
The Hunt for Osama bin Laden

All throughout the 230 plus years that the United States of America has been in existence, she has gone through many challenges in which has shown her resiliency and rise to become the world's number one Superpower. With that title, comes a price. The United States will always have enemies, jealous of who she is and what she stands for.

After a long Cold War with Communism that resulted in the United States coming out on top, a new entity has come out of the shadows to challenge and test the might, resolve and way of life that the United States represents. That entity has followed a religion that is ages old and twisted it to their own crusade against the way of life that the United States and her allies represent.

They want to show that they are not a group to be taken lightly and have gone to great lengths to show that even the great and powerful United States is not so powerful after all:

On 7 August, 1998, four United States Embassies, all of which were located in African countries, were simultaneously bombed. Hundreds killed and thousands wounded in that attack.

On 12 October, 2000, the USS Cole, while refueling at a port in Yemen, was attacked by a suicide bomber. Seventeen US sailors died and thirty-nine were wounded in that attack.

On 11 September, 2001, two airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and one crashed into the Pentagon. 2,996 people died in that attack.

All of these attacks were done by the terrorist organization, al-Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden.

The 2012 Mission: Impossible series will look at the Hunt for bin Laden, over the course of 3 campaigns that will take place in Afghanistan, Iraq and finally in Pakistan. However, the final endgame may or may not match what happened in real life: will bin Laden finally meet his maker via SEAL Team 6 or will he escape and continue to terrorize citizens of the United States and her allies?

Come join Giant Paintball and BSP Sports at Hollywood Sports Park for the 2012 Mission:Impossible: The Hunt for Osama bin Laden. Although we know the reality of what happened, there is a question of what if ... ?

Event 1: Afghanistan Campaign - Operation Enduring Freedom

Event 2: Iraq Campaign - Operation Iraqi Freedom

Event 3: Pakistan Campaign - Operation Neptune Spear
This event will be an "overnight" game in which players will be playing from dusk into the night.
Night Game: Raid on Osama’s compound, but will bin Laden escape this time?

Check us out on facebook:
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