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Never come between an Anime NERD and their free poster bag. They will run you down just to get one.

We are at the Tokyo Big Site. I decided to skip paintball this weekend. Sent the gun home and packed up the gear. I'm down to about 3 weeks if not less. So I figured why not just check out the Motor Cycle Show and the Anime show.

Well it wasn't what I expected. All the bikes were built for speed. Saw maybe 3 or 4 custom built bikes and that was it. Anime show was okay. I guess I have to check out a comic con in the USA before I can really compare.

The models made the both shows. Pretty girls. They let you take their picture and you take an advertisement it's that simple. I bought a few cool Astro Boy items at the event. How many can say they have an Astro Boy towle to wipe away paint with.


I bought a few more items that I know NERDS would pay high dollar for in the States. I'm just giving it all to my Son. He's really into this stuff.

There was even a SAVE PHACE display in the Cycle arena. So a little paintball rep going on.

Regardless it was a great day and I enjoyed spending it with a few friends. Pictures will be posted in about an hour on my Face Book page.

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