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Invert Mini (Vidk) and Shocker SFT

Looking for automags+ cash and ATS markers.

Hey guys, Ive got a couple electro's here that Ill never use. I also dont know much about these so feel free to offer on my prices if they are off.

First up:
Invert Mini (Vidk)
I do not know how to tell the version of a mini, so if you can enlighten me, feel free to do so. I took this apart and used its parts kit to clean it up/lube it up and it shoots great. I dont have a chrono, so I couldnt tell you what it chrono's at, but it shoots paint well.
Will come with its parts kit and extra red battery cover.

Price: Like to get $215 shipped - GONE GONE GONE GONE

Next, Shocker SFT
Again, dont know much about it other than what the previous owner told me.
-Trinity clamping feed neck
-Dye mini drop
-CP asa
-Free Flow bolt
-Hybrid grips
-BlackHeart Board
-CP trigger

Same rules as before, if you dont like my prices, throw me an offer. I am just unloading extra stuff for LL5 money.

Price: Looking for $200 shipped
Comes with a freak barrel, and you can have your choice of insert, OR!
I can do the shocker and the full freak kit for $250 shipped

Only trades Id be looking for would be automags. E-mags, Tac-Ones, Pneu-mags, anything I can use at LL5! Anything else would need to be insanely in my favor.

I will also take partial trades for beginner markers (Tippmann 98's, A-5's, automag classics) Bare bones stuff for someone wanting to get in to paintball cheap. (Full kits - markers/air/hopper would be great too)
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