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Originally Posted by Sir_Frag View Post
My Proflex deflects 1 out of 3 shots without breaking, keeping me in the game longer. I like this look, but can you comment on the deflecting ability? My first assumption is that it will not be very forgiving - breaking every paintball that hits it..

Also, from a legal POV, you may want to tread very carefully as to not assume any sort of liability for these.. Paintball masks must abide by regulations, and must be tested (probably using a specific method - see ASTM F1776 or similar) before going into use. Tampering with them in a way such as this will most definitely void the manufacturer's guarantees - leaving your *** on the line if someone gets injured using it. Just a cautionary note to ensure you do your homework.
1)Stop taking balls to the face.
2) Do you feel safer with that flap of ****ty rubber in front of your nose?

I'm not making any guarantees on ASTM compliance. Nor am I selling a mask. I'm simply selling a professionally made component that people have already been making and implementing. You're late to the party with these comments. By about 2 years, despite the expiration date under your avatar. Do a search. Eat some chocolate bananas. Take a porn break or three. Get back to me.
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