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Hey, just wondering if there's any surfers out there? And I don't mean internet surfers , if you do, how long and where do you like to surf?
Originally from SoCal (currently in the Peoples Republic of Marylandistan, so not much "real" surfing here) Irvine, and Dana Point to be exact. Spent many hours before and after school at Newport Beach, favorites were blackies, and the wedge(all three, short/boogie/body), weekends were divided between Huntington Beach pier and the trestles (San Onofre). When I was in HS, we did make several trips into Mexico, I can't recall the beaches, but I will say, that was some of the best conditions I've ever surfed inside the CONUS.

On several vacations to Hawaii, I did try longboarding, and I'll be honest, it wasn't my thing, and the reefs were a pain in the arse! lol
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