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Originally Posted by Yomillio View Post

Seems promising; what about it is so great if you wouldn't mind explaining more?

And oh hey, nice Monte
ok well, first, thats not my monte. i had one just like it but blue until i got into a wreck... that was a sad day.

and the lens. 50mm is almost exactly what the human eye sees. your pictures will look almost identical to what you see with the naked eye. its also great for cool closeup work and "artistic stuff" later on because of its very wide open aperture. from what ive read the clarity is outstanding for the price.
you also dont have to worry about zooming in or out since its a fixed lens. you canh focus mroe on the details of the shot instead.
there is a 35mm fixed lens that would work as well but the price is a little higher. overall, its just a great walk around lens.

in order to get more stuff in focus, you need to shoot with a higher aperture number (or smaller aperture, which ever way you want to think about it). i suggest setting the camera to Av (aperture priority) and setting the f/stop to about 8. this will give you a decent DOF and still let enough light in to not have a long exposure time.

i honestly didnt know about not having to use a polarizer when its overcast either.
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So very tempting. Let me weigh the cost/benefits between paying rent or buying a _____.
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