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TheTeZ Magnetic Trigger Return


I have a T8 pistol, pretty old, its had plenty of use. The last time i played the paint was brittle, it was breaking in everyones guns. I had to clean out my pistol when i got home. I did, put it back together and could only fire 1 shot. i had to manually reset the trigger(pull it forwards with my finger) than i could shoot again, After a lot of messing around i realized the trigger return spring would fall into the body (grip) wasnt sure why. I called up Tiberius, after talking to the tech guy, who talked to the production guys we determined it was a cracked Grip, i cant see any cracks, but what ever, its old, it may be... some how. Well either way its not working, long story short, im getting a new grip from them with a new trigger return spring. I figured why not try and make this grip work, ( i really dont like the spring system in this marker)

I Ran to radio shack and picked up a pack of rare earth magnets. (actually 3 just in case) for $2.19 (each)

I attached one to the back of the trigger, and one to the grip with repelling poles facing each other. It was very simple, i scuffed up just a tiny bit where i would be "water repellent loctite super gluing" these magnets on. I did, and it functions very well. No more stupid spring, and all the reliability of (rare earth) magnets, nothing thats going to bend, or move, or fall off and get lost. I cant notice a difference on the trigger pull and its got a very solid trigger return.

Heres shots of the trigger, and grip, ( i realized after i put the thing back together to take pictures, the one on the trigger was a little tough to get a shot of since it sits inside.)

Function Video, you can see how solid the return actually is.
Function Video

~~~ if you really want to increase trigger pull, put a 2nd magnet ontop of the one on the grip. this will increase trigger pull force needed [very minimal yet, a little noticeable] it will also increase the trigger return "snap back" No need to worry about losing the extra magnet, being a rare earth magnet, it wont fall off.
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