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Personally, Not a fan.

It's a gun inside a clamshell...
It's got a fairly useless rear top rail...
Double finger trigger and frame...

I thought this Etha was supposed to be modular. Why didn't they just release a body kit that you would take your existing internals and move them over?

So much potential...

I suspect one or two development processes led to this product:
The designers/engineers in PE said: "Let's try and get into the woodsball/tactical/mil-sim market in the safest way possible" or:
They did a survey among a limited number of PE gun owners (most likely their most loyal customers) what they would be interested in and they said: "A milsim body for my PE marker".

The problem with either of these approaches is that they are a Planet Eclipse-Centric approach and not woodsball/mil-sim community-centric approach. As a consequence, they've made a couple serious gafs:

Single finger trigger markers are much more comfortable to carry in the ready position for the durations seen in most scenario games, especially if the markers are heavier.

In regards to the sight and the centerfeed, with most hoppers (even the one they chose to use in the add), due to how low they sit, you have to set the sight just forward of the stock to get vertical clearance. So, it's not just a preference but at least in most cases, a physical limitation here.

If Planet Eclipse were interested in how folks could / would actually use that top rail, they could've taken a clue from how people are / are not using the SP-1/G-1 since it has a rail in the exact same location. Several google searches and the only one I found with a dot sight on that rail and it was an SP-1 and a shake and bake hopper. All of the other pics of SP-1s/G-1s with sights (of any sort) and hoppers used either a different rail or, an offset. Hell, even GoG figured that out and developed a modular feedneck for the G-1.

Honestly, I think what bothers a lot of experienced mil-sim / woodsballers is that a speedball company is shoehorning their speedball marker into the woodsball/mil-sim market, rather than develop a new marker (even if it used the same internals). Granted, they did a much better job than Angel did but, it's the same basic concept.
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Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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