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My Trracer

-J&J Edge barrel backs with 16" Commando front, Apex2 tip (apex not yet mounted)
-T2W brackets hanging eBay skeleton stock
-Rip Clip
-Magpul AFG (modded pump for better fit)
-GoPro Hero camera on home made mount
-Knock-off Aimpoint rds
-Stainless bolt (thanks Lizard_13 and r-lad!)

Business side.

Here's the Gopro mount I made. I cut down a "tactical" flashlight I purchased from Lowe's, bolted the stem from the Gopro's suction cup mount to the battery cap on the flashlight, and inserted the rig into an offset scope mount.

The camera sits in front of the Rip Clip, so it does not hinder the view.

I still have to run the remote line. I have a CP drop and on/off coming, and will run a 13/3000 below the stock.
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