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Idea for a light box game

Inspired by the thread on the light box, I've decided that I want to make one to play with. I don't yet have any idea what I actually want to use it for, but I figured it would be fun to experiment with and hopefully improve my skills with my camera.

This lead me to an idea we could use for a monthly forum game, and hopefully help other people learn more about photography. Make a list of everyday items most of us are likely to have around the house, then users pick a set number from that list, and post their photos of them.

I'm thinking aim for a list of about 20-30 items/themes, and then users have to pick 5-10 items to do their photos of. End of the month each photo gets graded out of 10, and person with the highest total wins.

Not sure how vague to keep the subject list. I was thinking of things like:
Children's Toy
Random Chance

Given the nature of this forum, I'm kind of assuming that something paintball related should be a required element for at least one of your photos.

Would other people be interested in doing something like this?
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