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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
I've been using Dot Sights for as long as ADCO has been involved in paintball.

I'm not saying it's impossible but, I've tried getting the pseudo occluded gunsight effect by using red-dots and I've found it to not work nearly as well as an actual occluded sight or, an unobstructed dot sight. This is for several reasons:

Light reflecting off of the feedneck (i.e. in broad daylight) can wash out the dot or, at the least, cause your brain to want to focus on the feedneck.

If your feedneck doesn't block off the entire view of the sight, then your brain will want to focus on the lit background.

As have I and ADCO products suck. They are poorly made and their rails tend to crack under the slightest amount of pressure applied.

an enclosed red dot is going to take re-training of the eyes due to the distance between the sight and your mask. Due this distance you now have to factor in the amount of light reflecting off the lens.

If your feedneck is black gloss finish, then yes, its going to reflect light. If its plastic or dust finish the reflection is far less. you will ge more glare/reflection off the sight optics then you will the feedneck as it will have the same amount of light on it. This is the reason why occlude3d sights don't work well in the full sunlight.

Again, you need to retrain your eyes.

This has been a popular arguement for the center feed vs offset feed crowd for years. The simple solution is to tilt your gun to the left or right and aim down the barrel. I shoot an SP-1 and have no trouble hitting my targets. Besides, sights are useless anywhere you mount them unless you play the same side of the field/bunker every time. Since you have to twist your gun to hide your hopper behind cover, twisting it to sight down the barrel should come natural.
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