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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
What on earth holds TPX mags in the magwell? I just borrowed one yesterday from the local store to take measurements. I didn't notice what it was and to be honest I wasn't really looking for it.

What retracts the little ball latch at the top? is it connected to the follower release?

I couldn't just buy a set of mags, he didn't have any but the ones that were in his last tpx kit.
The mag release button engages with a slot on the port side of the mag about an inch below the top.

The ball latch is connected to the follower release - there's a little nubbin that pushes into the slot on the rear of the top of the magazine. It's a nifty little lever mechanism that's a pain in the *** to clean and reassemble. I feel really sorry for the people who have to actually build the magazines in the Tippmann factory.
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