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Yeah, DOT and FMVSS restrictions make them virtually impossible today for passenger-sized vehicles. Today, you need spacing requirements, crumple zones, component clearances, ect, ect.

Plus, the big problem that the original FCs had that any modern replacement would carry forward was the nasty habit of flipping end-over-end if you stopped quickly, or went down a steep slope. Granted, the LWB FC-170s weren't so bad for this, but the FC-150s, which had the same WB as the CJs of the day, were deathtraps when the beds were empty. When they were being built, the exit of the assembly line had a 15% slope, and they had to move them out one at a time, because if you had to stop it quickly on the ramp, it'd flip.

It is technically possible to make a FC today, but the cost would be astronomical. If they did want to make an FC competitor, it would be cab-forward, but not full COE, and not FC-basically, a Jeep Unimog.
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