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is the cage for more stability?

just trying to understand parts of the mod - I would assume the cage replaces the block that exposes the bolt - a plug coming in from where the stick feed would be could then hold it in place fairly stable but not sure why that looks like a cut original feed - /praying that its not... =P

I like flexibility but I could never carve #33 - now if the piece was a 2 piece drop in change (replacement block with feed on top + plug rod) I could do it for giggles like using my carter direct feed block on my buzzard.

But at the end of the day I am not sure the balance and feel would influence me to go that route - would have to try it in hand to see in final judgement - but #33 just points to wickedly naturally so much so that a friend who swears by sniper2 platform markers took it in hand once - thought about where the shot should go - shot it exactly and gave it back saying
"No more - I don't want to be enslaved"


interesting idea just not sure on implementation

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