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Oh the Humanity!! (Rodney, step away from the ledge)

Hello Everyone,
I almost feel bad for doing this. First we have the thread showing an open class feedneck for a gargoyle, and now this. I have severe gargoyle envy (like many others who don't own one). I have put together my own phantom / gargoyle hybrid which I will be showing off when it is finished getting anno'd. One of the pieces I had purchased was the gargoyle pump handle. I tried it out on a few barrels, and I just am not an over-the-barrel pump handle player. My problem is that I loved the feel of the Gargoyle pump handle itself, but prefer a Rainman undercocking kit on my phantoms. So I had an idea, and contacted Rainman to see if he could put a delrin insert into the Gargoyle pump handle and drill & tap it to work with his undercocking kit. Well, lets just say that Rainman does amazing work as well, and this thing is as smooth as can be. Purists, overt your eyes in case you don't want to see the teaser pic below. (Rodney, I do apologize.. You are an artist and I love the feel of the handle but this was a personal preference that I had to try..)

You have been warned for a final time...

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