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Select Fire First Strike ATS AT85 (Pic Heavy) How To

Hi Everyone
Ever wanted a sniper looking version of your ATS, something you can take to big scenario games? I wanted something unique and awesome looking like Rustyís TSG-1. I also wanted to take advantage of Tiberius Armsí First Strike Rounds. So I did it. After almost two years, I have a unique paintball gun that not only looks cool but scary intimidating. The mod is only for the upper half and the stock.


Parts and Tools Required:
1. Dremel tool
2. AT- 85 upper
3. 23 inch barrel
4. G3 clone Airsoft body Ė working or not.

5. The following adhesives:

All parts were acquired from MCB BST section, Home Depot, Gumby and Tiberius Arms.

PART 1 Sniper Body Mod
Take the Airsoft G3 and gut it. All you need is the external shell. The airsoft rifle came apart like a clam shell.

Take the airsoft shell and using a dremel tool, cut the airsoft shell to snugly fit over the ATS upper receiver.

Take the external shell and epoxy over the ATS body. Epoxy one side at time and once dry, epoxy the other side. I used electrical tape to temporally hold it together. Surprisingly, the airsoft shell is a perfect fit to the external skin of the ATS. I sanded the inside of the shell to promote adhesion. I used the original screw from the airsoft gun to help keep the clamshell body together while the epoxy dried.

I used epoxy to hold the airsoft charging tube over the ATS front shroud. Once dried, I used JB Weld to fill any holds the epoxy didnít cover.

I drilled the top and side of the airsoft body matching the original screw holes so that I could use the original mounting screws of ATS AT85.

Once all the adhesives are cured and all the screws in place, you get this:

Keep the original mounting hole from the airsoft gun. The mounting hole is epoxied to a modified scope mount. The pin goes through the mounting hole holding the stock to the receiver by the modded scope mount which is attached to the rear ASA. By keeping the original mounting hole and the original airsoft pin, it allows the use of most aftermarket G3/MP5 stocks for future upgrades.

PART 2 First Strike Conversion:

Disclaimer: I first tested the First Strike modified ATS bolt with a box of 40 rounds and shot reliably. And the current mod still works pretty good but subsequent test showed a few jamming issues (3 rounds would jam in a box of 40). I still haven't figured out a solution which prevented me from posting but what the heck. If you want a super reliable First Strike Round platform, in my humble opinion, I would recommend buying a marker specifically designed for it.

First strike conversion involves modifying 3 things:the bolt, the bolt Sleeve and the magazine.

I used a pvc fitting from Home Depot. Using a dremel, I grinded it to form a "hat" over the bolt seal.

Bolt Sleeve:
Grinded the breech hole to form a "D" to enable the skirt of the first strike round to fit.

Not my pict but thank you for inspiration.
Here is what I did:

I called Tiberius Arms and ordered the red First Strike Springs and magazine followers. I cut the side of the ATS magazine to make it fit.

You are done!

Here are the vids:

One more

It took a three months and about an hour every other day and couple of hours during the weekends to complete. It was challenging but I had fun. IN the end, you get an ATS AT85 select fire, First Strike Round ready paintball gun. If anyone has any question, donít hesitate to let me know.

In action

**Edit** added third video.

Thank you!

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