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I think we are all missing the point. Atleast they are still directing paintball into the woods. Somewhere there is a kid waiting to buy this kit. Atleast it's an offered upgrade.

Basically you are getting two guns in one (Woods and Speedball). Just add or subtract attachments. I wish more companies would do this. GOG would make a butt load of cash if they sold different style bodies for their guns. However they don't, which is kind of sad. They have an almost perfect platform.

This is a good sign that companies are finally realizing where their "BREAD and BUTTER" is coming from. The Etha is like the ION, cheap and will probably be massed produced and put into the hands of many "NEW PLAYERS".

Honestly I have a RED DOT on my BT4. Yep worthless as HELL, but looks good and looks expensive. Only cost $12. The kids like it and that's what matters. Whoever I sell the gun to will enjoy it more than I.

I only see this kit as a step forward in accessories and personal choice. I hope more companies follow this example.


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