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Originally Posted by henchman View Post
I disagree black rain.
I used my red dot on my tac one forvthe first time this weekend.
I had set it up at home, according to the guide, and with my palmers brass barrel, it's accurate as hell. More than I had expected.
Do I use it for every shot?
But when wanting to get a one shot, one hit surprise, it works wonders.
Last weekend, had a guy behind a bunker, who's leg was just sticking out a bit.
Sighted it in, and he was out with one shot.
Like I said worthless as HELL. I can't see without my glasses, so a dot that close is only a blurr to me (I forgot to mention that). I'm not even sure it has a battery. But as mentioned before, the kids like it and that's what matters. Also it was $12, but looks expensive

Sights are worthless to me regardless. Anyone who has ever seen me play can tell you that

Originally Posted by cfos00 View Post
Blackrain, completely agree with you. More options are better than less. If it isn't your cup of tea, maybe it will be for someone else.
Thank you. It's what matters to others. I give away so much Mil crap, it's pathetic. It means nothing to me,but to a kid or someone who likes it, that is what really matters

More options are better, it's what helps me make my decision on where I spend my future dollars


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