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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Ok I give myself a BIG Thumbs down after viewing the Benny Hill Paintball that was hilarious.
Thanks, I have been practicing for a few months now and 95% of that was footage that I had already worked on, from several videos so it was easy to cut out/add in different parts and then extend the music track.

The quality is way to low to see but there are thousands of paintballs flying in front of the tank when all those players run away from it at skirmish ION, the one kid who first runs in front the of the tank takes one straight in the head as the gunner is shooting at people behind him. There were four gunners in the tank with the camera and after being told by the judge we would be live upon insertion we all started pushing each other to get the best firing port (I was lucky and in the turret). We instantly started calling dibs on who we were planning to shoot first, well arguing is more like it....once we went live it took about 10 seconds for most players to realise. In 10 seconds you can shoot many many people (it being skirmish ION 99% of playes ignore the first hit anyway).

All in all I have about 40 hours of footage on my hard drives but not very much is entertaining unless you were there or are in it,or know someone in it.

Get some good software and keep working on it, once you learn the shortcuts and capabilities you will make good movies.
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