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Laugh away, NXE JRNY question.

I recently purchased a NXE JRNY and its not the worst hopper I have owned but I do have a few issues.

1) It never stops showing the red jam light, IDK if this is causing an issue, caused by an issue, or if its something to just ignore

2) it overfeeds like an sob. My egg hopper puts one in the barrel and stops the Jrny just keeps feeding. I was playing the other day and getting 2 and 3 balls in the barrel at a time, not very playable. Is this just an issue with the loader and is there a way to alleviate it.

I think the two issues are related (it says its jammed and thus overfeeds to compensate) but I don't really know. I would rather not have to sell a new hopper and get another one but I can't play when I am filling the barrel with unfired paintballs (note: It is not the detents, Ive checked and replaced already on two barrels)
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