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(4) Icd Pumas
(4) Icd Bobcats
(2) Icd Thundercat Deluxes
(1) Icd 1st Gen. Desert Fox
(1) Icd 2k2 Bushmaster
(1) Icd 2k4 Bushmaster w/T1 tray & Otb frame
(1) Icd 2k3 BKO
(1) Icd Murder Inc BKO
(1) Icd 2k4 Freestyle
(1) Icd 2k6 Naughy Dogs Freestyle
(1) Icd Promaster
(1) Empire Axe (green)
(1) Empire Axe Flat black/Orange silly string looking anno)
(1) Shock Tech Ion
(1) 2k6 Etek/Ego
(1) 2k0 Autococker Pump
(1) 2k4 Autococker Pump
(1) ACI Maverick
(1) USI Raider
(1) CCI Phantom
(1) Raw Metadyne Thumper
(1) 2k10 Bob Long G6R
(1) 2K10 Proto SLG
(1) Mokal Fokus
(1) Silver/Purple splash Shoebox Shocker

Maybe one day i'll get around to taking pics and serial numbering them all.

Joe D.
Joe D.

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