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Thadapters are basically a spring loaded plug that takes place of a standard feed plug.

Picture history of the thadapter as far as I understand it from reading MCB:

First made by Thad aka the weltman on his original lever action (the lower one, I think the first lever action sheridan ever made), no spring behind the thadapter plug (made around 1992??):

Then spread to bretg's KLs (the first production lever actions, pictured is an integrated one):

Add-on versions were made as well:

I have 3 of them, I really like them, they load a tiny bit slower than just dropping the balls straight down a side tube, something about the balls making a 90* turn rather than rolling straight into the feed tube from the 10-round tube. But the benefits far outweigh that minor drawback, aka no fumbling around with feed plugs.
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