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Wow! So I guess there is still a void in this market... We finished the first prototype yesterday... We will be sending it off to our client... I will snap some quick pics and show you guys how they are coming along...

Through talking with my business partner and my head sewer, we made some changes that are sure to please our client... But you guys might not be so stoked.... We focused on making the pack as small as we could... The other ones are a little cumbersome... We also will be making this first 10 to fit the TIPPMANN TPX ONLY... It holds 6 mags and will have a small, removable dump-pouch on the front...

Based on the interest of this thread, however, I am trying to convince my business partner to let me do a run of CUSTOM P3 Packs for all my MCB homies... These ones would be identical to the ones we used to build for you guys at Spec Ops... I'll let you guys know, as soon as I hear a solid answer, either way...

Thank you all so much for the feedback!

Pics to come soon!
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