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PGP2K, WGP Sniper & AGD 6-pack - ALL SOLD

Some vintage goodness for your consideration...

First up - a PGP2K (parts gun) - SOLD
I'm selling this one for a friend, and it's obviously seen better days. I was told it is currently non-functioning, and is missing the rear sight/feed plug. Comes with a PMI-1 manual (not sure why), and the safety hardware (spring & detent) in the small plastic bag.

He originally purchased it for $75 on eBay several years ago with the intention of becoming a quick "fixer upper". Never had the time or money to even start the project, so decided to sell and cut his loses.


Buy the gun and get these extra parts I just found in my toolbox for free!

$65 shipped. He's not interested in any trades. - SOLD


Next up... a WGP Sniper
Again, selling for a friend. The gun holds air with no leaks and shoots quite well. It's being sold without the bolt. No frills - just the gun and barrel. Not sure what kind of barrel it is. Looks generic. Overall, the gun is in very good shape and will look even nicer once it's cleaned up. Some light cosmetic wear, but no gouges or dents. Great for a backup or a base for a project.


$95 Shipped. He's not interested in any trades, and will not part the gun. SOLD!


And finally... an AGD 6-pack SOLD
Again, selling for a friend. I was told this was bought new in the 90s, but is showing it's age today. I gave it a quick test (very awesome), and it holds air, cycles and operates as it should. Overall, it's showing quite a bit of wear. Despite some heavy scratches, there are no dings or dents. Once cleaned up and oiled it will make a nice addition to any gun.


PRICE DROP - $250 plus shipping. He's not interested in trades. SOLD!!!

Thanks and feel free to PM me with any questions.
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