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Lightweight Pump Kit - Favorable Impressions

By way of background, I have owned and still use a variety of deluxe CCM pump kits and grips--old and new, traditional, EZ, T-grip. This week I finally picked up a used lightweight pump kit--2k, pol silver--off the BST boards here for a project I'm trying to get done on the cheap.

Just wanted to make a post here to say WOW...really impressed with what you get for a lot less money. I think some people wonder what they are getting and what they are giving up when considering the LW kit, so here are a few thoughts:

Key differences:

- The back of the pump guide boasts a pump arm guide hole instead of a mount for the deluxe guide rod
- There is only one hole in the pump handle
- There is no metal pump plate secured to the pump grip--the pump rod threads into the handle directly

What's the same:

- The stainless steel main pump guide rod looks to be the same (2k or 99)--probably interchangeable with a Deluxe kit
- The stainless steel pump arm is A/T ready with the usual screw installed
- The milling on the pump grip is comparable to the EZ grip
- Anodizing and QA are top quality--no shortcuts in the quality of the product AT ALL

Thoughts on use:

Like I said above WOW. I don't think this kit is noticeable lighter--despite the name. I do approve of LW over "Economy" though, because it is certainly not a cheap kit. There are aspects of this kit that I like even more than the more expensive version...for one, it's smooth and quiet, since the stainless pump rod is moving against delrin only--not an aluminum plate!

The deluxe kit still has a small edge in one area...pump twist. There is about 1-2 millimeters of play in the Lightweight kit and nearly none in the deluxe. I think this is really a just a reflection of the fact that one design allows tighter tolerances. And frankly--I had to go get a deluxe kit to see whether the play was more or less then the LW kit. So it's still quite minimal in the grand scheme, but part of what you get for paying significantly more.

Anyway, I wanted to put this out there as an endorsement of the quality of the lighter kit.
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