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Cool Vibram Fivefingers

Hey guys,

Haven't been on in a while...been finishing off my Honors Psychology BSc. Studying for finals and 21 pages into my thesis! But on to my question...

I've been wearing Vibram Fivefinger Komodos exclusively (minus a couple wet below zero days) for about 3 weeks now, in order to overcome some ridiculous arch and ankle issues, as well as my dependence on orthotics (part of it may have been plantar fascitis, I realize now).

Yesterday, I ordered a pair of their new trail shoes, the Spyridon LS - I hope to do some outdoor running (I've been on 2-3 short runs with them due to lacking foot muscle) but then I thought, hey, these would be great for paintball! Good grip, flexibility, and rock protection (though I WILL have to pay more attention where I put my feet, especially in the woods).

My question is: who has played in their VFFs, and how do they hold up to sliding? I tend to slide on both knees at once, so the top of my footwear probably drags on the ground normally.

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