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Originally Posted by Will2642 View Post
This is an excellent model! I'm currently using it to model some custom parts I want to make.

One question though, does anyone know if the placement and thread pitch of the pump rod is modeled 1:1? Checking the helix of cut-sweep feature shows me a pitch of 0.03125".

I've got a pump handle ready to go to the machine shop but I want to make sure the threading for the pump rod is correct.

Yes, it's right. Those threads are #10-32.

pitch =1/tpi
1/32=0.03125" => pitch = 0.03125"

I'm sure many things are off, and if you guys would be so kind, please send me a list of inaccuracies and I will gladly fix it. As for rehosting, that's a bit of an issue... I'll look into it when I have some time. I bet Simon will be game. I'm actually pretty slammed right now, but I will get to this ASAP.

EDIT: ACtually, post the inaccuracies so that others can have the info before I get around to updating the files.
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