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Here's something to consider...

I am definitely looking to build an M from scratch. However in doing so I looked at the 2007 Cyborg which I also own. The design is essentially the same. Stacked tube, poppet valve, lpr in front, super high quality Macdev greatness, very efficient. So more or less the same or at least similar. As a matter of fact Macdev have a similar group of die hard followers that AKA does. Many of us crossover between the 2 companies.

So it makes me think, why go through the expense and trouble of building an M (dare I say)? Of course we know that the basic answer for this is because we can! But truly if it's function your after, the Cyborg will likely do it at a fraction of the cost and frustration.

Now I'm still building the M however, this also raises a lot of questions. Firstly is it possible Macdev saw the Evil M and borrowed the design? Further can we assume that AKA would have ultimately evolved into what Macdev is doing now? Can you imagine a sleek single tube AKA marker much like the Clone GT?! Holy god, I'm salivating just thinking of it!

I know what some may be thinking - nothing compares to the AKA guns. We may be right in that assessment. However if AKA is number one the only logical number two for me is Macdev for their quality, ethic and mystique and following. The two companies are very similar to me.

Just some fun thoughts flying around my head. What do the other die hards here think?
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