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Central Texas Outlaw/Private Field (North of San Antonio, TX)

I play woodsball/scenario ball with a small group of guys just north of San Antonio. We have an outlaw field close to the 281/46 intersection (Bulverde, TX - if you know the area) and access to a larger ranch for larger scenario-type games.

There are about 15 of us (late 20s to mid-30s), so with family commitments and the other distractions of modern life, we end up with about 6-8 players per game. We play twice/month - the first and third Saturday, but the games are of course dependent on player availability.

Since we play on private land where people live, we are sensitive to making sure the right people come out and play with us. The main rule is BE COOL. What does this mean? It mainly means we don't tolerate any douche-baggery (bonus balling is a good example of level 1 douche-baggery).

We play hard, but we play fair. And we play to have a good time. None of us take ourselves too seriously. We wear camouflage and like to hide in the woods. Our style of play is primarily mechanical semi-auto (Tippmans, Spyders, etc), but we are also really into pump and pistol play and use those for some of the scenarios. Some of our scenarios are based on mil stuff, but others are based on cool crap we've seen in movies. We like milsim kinda stuff (gear and guns), but are not the faux-military types that walk around saluting each other (though they usually do have pretty cool gear . . . )

We also play that if you get hit you go out - regardless of whether the ball breaks. That is tough for some people, so that is important to know at the onset.

Some of us have been playing together since middle school (church group and high school pals) and other folks have been picked up from work and other hobbies. We play to relax, have fun and relieve the tension of work and modern life. Everyone we play with comes from the San Antonio or Austin areas, so rides can be hitched as needed from these areas.

We have enough guest gear to outfit up to 5 extra folks, so sometimes we'll have new players and younger family members out to introduce them to the sport. Generally, we like to have folks play with us a few times - we get to know you, you get to know us - and then we can decide if you wanna join up and start coming out on a regular basis. We do charge dues and this goes to maintenance of the field and shared equipment.

Our primary field is has plywood fortifications and the like, but the larger field is all woods. We generally do a couple of "field days" each year to work on the fields and get them in order. We also bring tools out whenever we play and if a scenario or fortification we try ends up sucking, sometimes we'll halt playing to make modifications. It also helps keep our machete skills up for the zombie apocalypse . . .

If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of shoot me a PM and let's talk. I would love to have more cool people out to play with us and be a part of our games.

For logistical and litigious reasons, we are mainly looking for adult players, but if you are over 18 and can meet the BE COOL requirement, PM me and we'll discuss.

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Are you in Central Texas? Come play at our private/outlaw field.
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