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Rainmaker journey

Well, I just got a rainmaker, and it is in pieces.

Bought it out of impulse, and it is going to be a fun project

Here is a picture of how it stands.

The board is disconnected to the 4 way, no battery harness, and no shroud. I figure I may as well finish what was started. From what I know, it is set up with an autococker lpr, and a ccm hpr.
Feel free to help me out along my endever, as I will probobly need it

This will be my journey through which I hope to make a functioning rainmaker

Day 1: Rainmaker arrives, in pieces. I want to get the board and wiring out of the way first. I believe this is how the wiring goes, I need to buy a 9 volt battery harness. Can anybody verify if this is correct?

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