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HOEPER's WTB thread

I'm jacking an old WTB thread of mine to create an all inclusive, evolving, WTB thread. Simple enough.

  • Side tube pump handle, long verson. I have a standard long, and a side tube short one to trade. If someone could mill that would work also.
  • Sheridan internals.
  • Brass sights that would fit a Sheridan, interested in front and rear sights.
  • Bolt for a McMurray / Stan Russel Annihilator. Tried a PMI 1, and it was a hair too short.
  • Tippmann SMG trigger
  • K frame ( not looking to spend a whole lot on this)
  • Molle stock class capless harness
  • KP body, beat up is fine, looking for a project.

PM me with anything you have.
On the subject of Holy water paintballs:
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I can see it now, a mini van full of priests going 80mph through a suburb blasting metallica....
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