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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
I understand that, my question was regarding pricing. Is the weekend price including all 3 days or just Sat and Sun? Is there a price for just Sat and Sun?
I'm trying to understand your question, so here goes. Your question: is the pricing for 2 days or 3. I want to say that the pricing is for 3 days. However, there are no gameplay on Friday. Also, the reason that 3 days is noted, that on some years they have had some kind of event on that Friday, such as the UWL doing a 5-man event on that day. At times they have allowed players that come in on Friday to camp, to play on the fields. I don't recall if they had to pay or not. I will find out what they have in store for that Friday.

But looking at the schedule on the first post, it is mainly for players to come in to register and camp overnight so they don't have to travel in the morning and for the side's leadership to meet up with the producers before gameplay the next day. Also, gives players and teams a chance for the producers to look over specialized equipment, such as tanks, mechs and rocket launchers.

I hope my answer cleared up any confusion, but I have tried to answer to the best of my ability.
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